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December sunrise Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

December Sunrise Playa Santa Teresa



A visitor asked me the other day “what is Go Primal”.  I guess the best way to describe what we are doing is: taking our living practices and tourism back to a more basic, sustainable integration with the natural environment. Not that we don’t use modern conveniences, we certainly do, but trying to do more with less and especially, using our bodies more.


We are not a survivalist or minimalist group and we aren’t running naked through the forest LOL…however, you can if you must :-)


We are a group of men and women who love nature and being in the great outdoors. We have all chosen to live in Costa Rica and experience a tropical lifestyle near the ocean and forests. This is not as easy and carefree as it may seem, yet we truly love it here and hope to share what we have learned and enjoy with other like minded people who want to have a little “rat race” getaway here in Costa Rica with us.

Surf Van

Surf Trip 2012



We can assist you in many ways, whether it is just for a week’s getaway to surf, fish and relax or you want a more permanent situation. We have over the years developed a network of friends and business associates in all aspects of life in Costa Rica. From the right taxi driver, accountant or attorney, to off the beaten path forest hikes and surf breaks.


When you book a tour with us you are getting our personal attention. We love what we do and think you will love it too.



Peace out to you all,



Karen Mogensen Reserve Waterfall

Natural Jacuzzi

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