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Valley view near tent camp

Valley Of Canaan View From The Intersection Of Manzanillo Rio Negro

Speaking with my brother today I was expressing just what it is I am trying to bring you at Go Primal Costa Rica… Playtime!


We who have “grown up”, have families and/or careers, and work for the man or for ourselves day and night watching our youth slip away need to get back to the playground! My brother looked at me and says, “The return of recess” and I said YES!! EXACTLY! Think about it. What was the best part of your days in school growing up? The bell ringing and heading to the playground! That was what made everything in life better. You thought of nothing else but the game of the week, kick ball, dodge ball, tag etc… Then all of a sudden 20, 30, 40 years go by and we aren’t playing anymore. What happened? Oh we play golf, tennis, go to the gym, but really playing? It’s like at some point society said; umm, sorry but you aren’t allowed to do that sir. I say it’s time to get out and play. What ever it is that you enjoy, you say, Oh… when I get some time I’m going to get back to riding my bike… well brothers and sisters… the time is NOW. It is time to RETURN TO RECESS! It is time to return to your carefree feelings. It is time to recapture the strength, energy and passion of your youth. You can do this by getting off your ass and getting outside. You can do this at any age. You can do this by changing your thinking. You can do this by changing the food you eat and begin to eat real live food, not fortified dead product in a box. You should familiarize yourself with the Paleolithic style diet, which for those of you unfamiliar with it can go to marksdailyapple.com and begin with the Primal Blueprint.


Within weeks your body and mind will make a transformation and you will become alive again. Your spirit will be renewed and people will notice there is something different with you. It’s playtime again.


The new you will begin to prioritize playtime. Don’t worry about that report; it will still be there Monday morning. Enjoy your weekend or whatever days make up your weekend… you do take days off don’t you? Enjoy your playtime… make time to PLAY.


For me the first time I stepped in a mountain stream at 8 years old in Cherokee, North Carolina I knew where I wanted to be. I wanted that connection that the Native American had with the earth. I love the woods, the rivers, and the mountains. I love the ocean. I love the outdoors. That’s what I love so much about living in Costa Rica. Within minutes almost I can be at 10,000 ft in a lush, cool tropical rainforest and by days end watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. It really covers almost every recess experience you could want with the exception of snow. And snow… well I do enjoy a nice slide down the slope but I’ll take my non-freezing tropical weather if I had to choose… and I did.


Welcome to my playground everyone. If you want to come play with me I would love to have you. Just drop me a note and I will be happy to ring the bell for recess again. My fees are fair and I guarantee you will have the adventure of a lifetime.


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