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My son and I have just returned from a week at the camp where we enjoyed the latest editions to our creature comforts. We now have a toilet, sink and shower and we have the Rancho completed.

Photo of Costa Rica Rancho

Rancho Completed

My son was totally stoked to see the property and the Rancho for the first time. I must admit to see the smile on his face was a great feeling. We now have a base back in our old neighborhood.

The next addition to our camp will be the water tank. At the moment there is no running water and we have been using water jugs. With the tank scheduled to be complete this weekend we will then be able to purchase water from a local source who will bring their truck on site and fill the 3000 liter/800 gallon tank with potable water. We are also in the process of getting a well drilled which will then supply water to the various properties within the farm. This is scheduled for the 1st of March. Until then we will purchase our water.


Beach Camp shower and bathroom

Camp Shower

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