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Barreling Wave Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Chito Getting “Barreled”



It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro. We have a wide variety of surf breaks that can meet every level of surfers needs, from beach breaks to world class points breaks, the Nicoya Peninsula is truly a jewel.




If you are just starting out or want to learn to surf for the first time, we have an excellent beach break at Playa Hermosa that will get you started. Due to the gradual slope of this beach you can stay on the inside and get lots of practice without getting in over your head so to speak. For the more advanced this same beach offers a really fast right, that breaks off of the North reef with a more NW swell direction and with a good south swell a nice left at the South reef. On a day-to-day basis there is always consistent beach break up and down the beach and to top it off, it has one of the most scenic views you will find anywhere.




For the seasoned surfer you will find beach breaks and nice outside peaks from Playa Carmen all the way North to Playa Hermosa. Further South in Mal Pais there are some great point breaks on the right swell direction but you will need to take a bit more care due to reef. There are also some breaks on the Montezuma side of the peninsula if you want a short 4×4 road trip of about 45 minutes.


Surf Lessons


If you want to learn to surf then you have come to the right place.  The Pacific coast of Nicoya has some of the most consistent waves you will find anywhere, so when planning a trip you can relax that waves will be here when you are.


For the beginner surfer, our Surf instructors have years of experience both here and abroad and provide a very professional and fun outing that will keep you entertained and progressing your skill to catching and riding the waves you want.


If you already surf but are looking to raise your knowledge and form we have available a more advanced instructor/trainer who focuses on bringing out that next level of surfing that you are most certainly capable of with the right training.


Surf lessons are scheduled daily according to the tides and your other activities. Our goal is to have you riding waves, having fun and hopefully make surfing a part of your life.




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