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If you haven’t tried the sport of Kayaking yet you are missing it!

Malibu Pro 2 Tandem Kayak

Recreational Kayak Fun

There are many ways to enjoy this boating activity that spans thousands of years. Considered to be first developed by the Eskimos in North America over 4 thousand years ago for hunting in the interior lakes and rivers, it was also used in the ocean along the coasts. The Kayak offers a simple and effective way to explore water where ever you find it.

The three basic form of modern recreational Kayaking is comprised of the whitewater river kayak, the Touring Kayak for large lakes and open ocean and the newer SOT “Sit-On-Top” Kayak variety that is more of a cross between the Canoe and a Kayak.

At Go Primal Costa Rica we use the SOT for our Kayak fishing and site seeing tours for their ease of paddling and stability that does not require any special gear. Easy to navigate, enter and exit make them ideal for fishing and family recreation.

Sunset at Playa Santa teresa Costa Rica

Playa Santa Teresa Sunset


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