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Hi there, my name is Mark and I am your personal Costa Rica guide to all things Primal in Costa Rica.

I have lived here for 13 years and through this time explored most of the natural beauty that Costa Rica has to offer. I say most, because there is so much to explore and see that it could take a lifetime.

I have decided it is time to share what I have learned in my journey through Costa Rica and a simpler way of life traditionally lived by the people here. Over this time I have come to live and think much differently than how I was conditioned to in North America and I am still learning how to live a simpler, healthier, primal style life in the contemporary  world.

Of course I have been inspired by others like Mark Sisson, Laird HamiltonThe Domestic Man, and James Altucher to name a few. I will refer you to them and others when I feel it is appropriate, as there are many ways and means to accomplish a more fulfilling, healthy and satisfying life when we learn some back to basics primal attitude, and shed some of the baggage we have accumulated over the years that we thought we had to have.

Feel free to drop me a line when you are ready for some adventure in Costa Rica and I will be happy to guide you on your way.



Mark Irazu Volcano

Old Crater Volcan Irazu

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